Why “impossible” should be your goal.

A few weeks ago I completed my first Marathon, 26.2 miles of excitement, fear, smiles, and tears. I am a mom of three, a wife, and work the old 9-5. I love my family very much, but when the Dr. said "there are two heart beats!" My world was forever changed. My husband and I … Continue reading Why “impossible” should be your goal.


Starting after the Finish

The Lucky Robin

As you cross the finish line regardless the distance, a myriad of emotion wells inside you. Your heart is overwhelmed with surreal joy because you ACTUALLY DID IT!! Your brain is in shock that the battle of doubt was overcome, and your body is just well, done. Unfortunately you have to find your family and friends and there are ALWAYS stairs. Woof.

The feeling of the finish line is one that cannot be explained. Each person is toeing to the start line for a different reason wether it be for themself, a loved one, or just to prove they can, each runner has an intention. When you complete that intention it is a feeling few understand but many chase.

The morning after is a day of disbelief followed by a slow slip into “what’s next?” Do I go further? Do I run faster? Do I ever run again because my…

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Goal Digger

Sole Project

It’s a new year, a new season, we are all anxiously awaiting the warm weather – at least here in Indiana. The great thing about the pre spring season, is the excitement of change. Change in temperatures, scenery, activity. Starting something new comes with new excitement.

What are some things you plan to do “new” this year? Finally organize the garage? Small renovation project? Finally organize and downsize the kid clutter??? Okay. The last one is more of a dream than a goal. The clutter is endless. If you have a goal of health, Sole Project can help with that 🙂

Some ways WE plan to be different is through open communication, being more interactive and incorporating YOUR goals and ambitions. Training for a local 5k at the end of the summer. By training together you have a higher success rate of crushing your goals. So let’s get moving together…

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